Are You Addicted to Checking Notifications? Break the Habit with 5 Steps

Have you been feeling the need to conduct some digital decluttering and wonder how you can remain more focused on what is truly important instead of feeling distracted by too much nonsense? Many businesspeople and entrepreneurs need to break the habit of checking their notifications and phone all throughout the day, simply because they are... Continue Reading →

Time for You

Do people make time for who and what they want. I believe so! You’re not that busy that you can’t make the time to see someone, whom you “claim” is important to you. You are not that busy that you can’t return a phone call or check on someone. People do what they want to... Continue Reading →

3 reasons why people don’t chase their dreams

Do you still have dreams of a lifestyle you’d love to attain or a business you’d like to start? Do you remember how to dream big like our kids do? As we grow, we often grow into the mindset that we have to work hard and we can’t take chances – or chase... Continue Reading →

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