Easy life insurance

agents.ethoslife.com/invite/2093e Share with anyone you know who needs insurance quick with No medical exams, blood, or urine tests!

Protecting the ones you love

Family This week has been kinda rough. I lost two people that I cared about and my heart goes out to each of the families. One of saddest parts about it is that neither family could really grieve like they wanted to because they were worrying about not having the money for the funeral. Neither... Continue Reading →

The Good Ole Days

Remember, the days when families were close. Everybody hung out at grandma’s house. Your aunties and uncles were an extension of your parents and your cousins were you and your siblings first best friends. You played outside until it was dark, all the kids took turns drinking out the water hose on hot summer days.... Continue Reading →

Small things for busy days

Photo by Antoni Shkraba on Pexels.com Sometimes when I’m sitting at my desk working, I start to get lost in my creativity. My mind begins to think about all the wonderful opportunities that I have to create the life that I want (my legacy), a life that I am proud of, that my children and... Continue Reading →

Things to remember

a.co/7NUAL6A Check this ebook out and share ❤️! This is the perfect little book of positive and loving reminders to share with your kids! They will love this read along with the colorful pages!

Time for change

I am up trying to put all of this stuff in my head together. I know what I wanna do, but for a person like me things can get a little jumbled up. I have so many ideas and thoughts that I want to get out into the world… this lis really why I started... Continue Reading →

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