Protecting the ones you love


This week has been kinda rough. I lost two people that I cared about and my heart goes out to each of the families. One of saddest parts about it is that neither family could really grieve like they wanted to because they were worrying about not having the money for the funeral. Neither of the deceased had life insurance! As an Insurance Broker ( I see this all the time. Families having to set up a Go fund me, fundraising event, or even take out a loan. That is not something that you don’t want to do when you just lose a loved one.

Some people don’t think life insurance isn’t necessary because it’s not a tangible item but it is extremely necessary and can be very affordable, especially when you get it at the right time. It is just as important as all the other expenses that we have to pay and should be included in your monthly budget. The importance of insurance should be taught in school. Parents should talk to their children about how important life insurance is and how it benefits their loved ones. As scary as it feels to talk about it , the reality is that Life and death goes hand and hand.

How many of you have ever experienced a situation when you or someone you know didn’t have like insurance or enough insurance? To lose the breadwinner or provider of the family is not a pretty situation if you are financially hurting, but proper insurance can help out with this. There are several insurance companies out there and lots of different options that can fit your needs. There is even life insurance with living benefits, used for expenses associated with a terminal or chronic illness. Insurance is needs based that is why I suggest working with a broker, because they work with you (the insured) to find the best products to fit your needs. I am dedicated to bringing forth awareness of the importance and benefits of life insurance.

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