The Good Ole Days

Remember, the days when families were close. Everybody hung out at grandma’s house. Your aunties and uncles were an extension of your parents and your cousins were you and your siblings first best friends. You played outside until it was dark, all the kids took turns drinking out the water hose on hot summer days. You played outside all day, playing red light-green light, hide and go seek, hopscotch, and jump rope. I remember us walking or riding our bikes everywhere. We used to collect soda pop bottles, and then turn them in to the corner store to get a refund (5 or 10 cents) and then we will turn around and take that money to buy more soda pop, and penny candy.

I remember going around the neighborhood with my Aunt Lois to pick fresh dandelion greens to eat and yes, there is a such thing as dandelion greens and they are delicious. I remember helping out in the family garden. We didn’t use any weed killer, us kids would get in there and pull the weeds out and eat on some of the string beans Lol. The submarines was fantastic and it didn’t start nothing.

I remember walking and playing in the summer rain all day long and if it got to bad we would just go up on the porch and watch the storm until it slowed down. Do you remember the days when the whole family would be out on the porch all night long laughing and talking and getting bite up by mosquitoes, we had citronella candles and bug zapper lamps everywhere, and I even remember us using some Avon skin so soft lol. There were lots of fire flys around everywhere and we would catch them and put them in jars to watch their light. Ladybugs were vibrant and abundant. Fruit trees were everywhere, we even had grape vines were in the backyard, and use to make homemade preserves. I remember the times when kids used to fight and make up and no one killed each other. A time when kids respected adults and adults look out for kids, everybody’s kids.

If Mrs. Jones down the street saw you doing something wrong she would get after you and then tell your mom and she would get you. Kids had chores and responsibilities. We didn’t stay up all night watching TV and most kids didn’t even have a TV in their room. Mama didn’t cook two or three different meals at dinner time, you ate whatever mama cooked for dinner.

I remember my mom telling me and my sisters to enjoy being kids and to not try to grow up to fast. Yes, I remember some good ole times and have a lot of great memories. I just want to say thank you to my Mom and Dad and all the good people that touched my life no matter how big or small.

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