Small things for busy days

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Sometimes when I’m sitting at my desk working, I start to get lost in my creativity. My mind begins to think about all the wonderful opportunities that I have to create the life that I want (my legacy), a life that I am proud of, that my children and their children are proud of. When you have the type of mind, that can see opportunities and have optimism, then the possibilities become limitless. Every day I am practicing becoming more consistent and more disciplined.

When I start to get distracted by some other creative vision or thought, I write it down, but I consciously refocus back on what I am currently doing until that task is complete. Sometimes I have little sticky notes all over my desk. Lol. Just kidding I’m not that bad. Sometimes I use digital sticky notes on my computer, but most of the time I like to write them out with my favorite pin, it’s just something about writing in ink for me. I really try to stick to the production schedule that I have, you can also do this by using a digital productivity calendar or physical productivity planner, it is your preference. Of course, there are little tasks here and there, that don’t need to be scheduled, they can be completed at any time. I’m not saying that everything has to be scheduled or preplanned, but A little structure for most of us doesn’t hurt. You know, how some people like to listen to music while working, I like to listen to audiobooks when working and in my downtime. I use Audible, they have everything novels, podcasts, true stories, and much more, those are just some of the categories that I like, you have to try it and see what you like. They offer a free trial I also, break up long tasks and step away from my computer, every couple of hours and stretch my body and give my eyes a break. If you’re able to, take a quick 5 to 10-minute walk, just to rejuvenate yourself, and get outside if you can. When my day is busy, and have so much to get done, I don’t stress about it instead I’ll take the time to conquer it with a smile chunk by chunk.

  • Get up and move
  • Listen to a good book, podcast, or music
  • Break tasks down in bite chunks
  • Write down your thoughts to get to later

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