Inherited Enemies

Is there such a thing as an “inherited enemy?” What are inherited, enemies? Do you believe that there is such a thing? Well, the simple answer is YES because I know it to be true.
An Inherited enemy is someone who doesn’t like you because of something or someone that’s connected to you. It can be for various reasons. A few reasons may be where you are from or live, the way you look, the affiliations you were born into, and who your family is. All of which are pretty much out of your control.
Well, I want to talk about the last one, people not liking you because of who your family is specifically, your immediate or close family. This type of dislike can even come from inside the family. You know the type of dysfunction where your father and his brother never got along, and your uncle dislikes you because he hates his brother type of stuff. So you just inherited an enemy for no reason. “Enemy” might be the wrong word to some, but I know of some that have been treated as such.
A perfect example of inherited enemies is the Hatfield & McCoy feud. Where members of one family didn’t like the members of the other family because of old misunderstandings, resentments, and who their families were, even though the families intermarried.

Imagine wanting to know and have a relationship with your uncles, aunties, and cousins but, because of so much dysfunction, you will never have that family relationship you desire. They don’t want to talk to you because of who your mother or father is, WOW that is crazy. So sorry that you feel that way but try to get to know someone before you dislike someone and count them out.

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I’m speaking for the ones who can’t find their voice and yearn to re-establish family ties. Start forgiving each other and letting go of the past. Keeping hold of old hurtful things is not healthy for YOU and if it is not detrimental to you, then let it go. There are people related to you who want to get to know you and have a relationship with you. Stop disliking a person whom you have never given a chance to. Maybe your niece or nephew is different from the brother that you hate so much. Open your heart up and start mending the wounds and start giving love and new beginnings a try.
I Would love to hear your stories or thoughts on “Inherited Enemies.”

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