Mind on overload

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Have you ever been so committed to something that wakes you out of your sleep at night and, it consumes most of your day?
If so, then maybe you are an entrepreneur, in leadership, or just a hardworking person that takes pride in whatever you do then you can relate to this type of commitment. As an entrepreneur, I wear so many hats, heck all the hats, so my mind can get on overload quickly. That’s when I write! It relaxes me and allows me to be free and speak with my words. I had a really busy day and did way too much techy stuff and, I’m over the internet today! Well, I’m finished for the night even though it is past midnight. I’ve made my to-do list for tomorrow already and, I committed to myself that I was going to work from my planner (meaning not jumping around) tomorrow and not deviate. I am much more productive when I have a little structure. But for now, I’m going to try to have some good happy sleep where the only thoughts I have are of me laughing and smiling, something that I love to do.
Happy thinking!

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  1. This is exactly what happens to me and now , I am going to start making it a habit to make a to do list the day before because with a mind like mines , it is so easy to bounce around ! I am here for it ! Thanks for the insight NieccaG !

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